Thai Parboiled Rice 10% Broken 100% SORTEXED

Thai Parboiled Rice 10% Broken 1

Thai Parboiled Rice 10% Broken (Parboiled Rice 10 Percent Broken)

Parboiled Riz is the prime Manufacturers, supplier and Trader of Parboiled Rice. Our Group is providing you the complete variety of Parboiled Rice including Thai parboiled rice 10 percent broken. We naturally nurture Thai Broken Parboiled Rice (10 percent) by overriding inorganic rich manures. Thai Parboiled Rice 10% Broken produce in Thailand region, and provided by us all to our world-wide customers/clients. Parboiled Rice (10%) Broken is famous generally for its good appealing taste and fragrance.

Thai Parboiled Rice 10% broken also mostly used in Poultry feed and Cattle Feed. Our Group is also the only source of your necessities of Thai Parboiled Rice (10% Broken), which is suitable for HUMAN Consumption.

Specifications of Thai Parboiled Rice 10% Broken

  • PARBOILED RICE : 10 Percent Broken 100% Sortexed
  • Texture: Hard
  • Variety: Long Grain Rice
  • Color: Yellow
  • Moisture: 14% Max
  • Admixture: 2% Max
  • Style : Parboiled
  • Cultivation Type : Common
  • Crop Year : 2012-2013
  • Place of Origin : Thailand
  • Payment Terms: : L/C / TT
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 25 Tons Per Month
  • Supply Ability: : 1000 Tons / Month

Packaging & Delivery Detail

  • Packing

    : We Pack Our Product in 50 KG Plastic bags or As Per Customer Requirement

  • Delivery

    : Will be finalize within 15-30 Days After Receiving Payment

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