Organic Jasmine Rice

Organic Jasmine Rice

Organic Jasmine Rice

Organic Jasmine Rice initiated Khao Hom Mali which is the Thai accent: Sometimes known as theThai fragrant rice, which is a variety of long grain rice and it has a nuts smell and a delicate pandan like (Pandanus Amaryllifolius-leaves) flavor produced by 2 Acetyl 1 pyrroline. Thai Jasmine Rice is previously from Thailand. Sunthorn Seehanern known as jasmine Rice as Kao Horm Mali 105 diversity (KDML105). This is a certified of the Ministry of Agriculture Thailand in the State of Chachoengsao, Thailand in 1954. The grains will stick while cooking, though it is not as much of sticky as others varities of rice as it has a smaller amount of amylopectin. To produce jasmine rice, the long beards cut and separated. This rice then leftward in a hulled from and shifted as brown rice or shucked and traded as white rice. Most South East Asians choose the variety of jasmine rice.

Specific ranges of US Grown Rice originated to cover regarding stages of arsenic because the historic use of arsenic is started pesticide in some areas of the Thailand.

Specifications of Organic Jasmine Rice

  • TheThai jasmine Rice that diverse with 8% or less other types of rice compared by the total weight and Jasmine must be 92% untainted call for a mutual standard for Export or National use.
  • Long Grain (6.6 - 7.0mm) maximum 70.0%
  • Short Grain (6.2 - 6.0 mm) minimum 5.0%
  • Whole kernels not less than 60.0%
  • Size of Broken having the length less 5.2 mm not exceeding 4.0%
  • Size of Head rice >=8.0mm
  • Chalky kernels not exceeding 3.0%
  • White glutinous rice not exceeding 1.5%
  • Paddy not exceeding 5 grains per 1 kg of rice
  • Milling degree: Extra well milled
  • Packing: PP Bag from 25kg to 50kg each

Packaging & Delivery Detail

  • Packing

    : We Pack Our Product in 50 KG Plastic bags or As Per Customer Requirement

  • Delivery

    : Will be finalize within 15-30 Days After Receiving Payment

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