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We Produce Vital Quality Rice to Our customers globally!

Parboiled Riz takes the responsibility to guarantee our customers/clients very high vital standard of our rice production, also make a continuing effort to guarantee the sensible prices, as well as to carry out our Customers orders correctly and to deliver without delays.!

Quality Control

Parboiled Riz Values

“Our Group always believed in the below three pillars for sustained and for our long term growth model”.




Our Values

Parboiled Riz Vission

Our Group is keenly committed to be the one of worldwide known rice producers by delivering our customer’s high trust, care, quality and standard products. And to maintains its modest edge because it spends time and creates long term relationships with its clients.”

As rice industry leaders, we are keen to develop our production, milling and marketing programs.

Our Values

Parboil Riz Mission

Parboiled Riz want to achieve constantly high values because we have Assurance to continual new product development - on-going market research means we are one of the foremost new product innovators in the sector.

Our Mission

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