Quality Control

We (Parboiled Riz Co., Ltd)

treated safe slight raw material for the parboil rice processing at our end, hence the processes used are completely innovative and technically, and awfully specifying. These are critical circumstances to assurance that the quality of our rice products comes from Parboiled Riz will be finest quality at the uppermost level.

At Parboiled Riz We faith that it is our duty to assure our clients high quality standard of our rice creation, also make a ongoing determination to warranty about sensible rates, as well as we also carry out our Client’s orders appropriately and to supply without any late.

We are trustworthy to making a part to the community where we live and work, we are determined every coming day to produce superior products for our client’s, with extra attention, equally from the both views of biological and cleanliness the profile.

It is our group’s viewpoint that we struggled daily to monitor to attend our client’s/customers with respect, these qualities made Our Group the particular firm globally in the section of finest rice manufacture.